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Oakland County Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan

Hello, my name is John Alexander and I am a personal injury attorney located in Oakland Country Michigan and serving state wide in Michigan. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about motorcycles in Michigan and the law regarding motorcycles.

Motorcycles for people who drive them are probably one of the most fun vehicles to drive. Yet they are the most dangerous. Any motorcycle rider will tell you that cars just don’t see them. They tend to pull out just in front of motorcycles. Now what I wanted to tell you about the law is that a motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle under the no-fault law, so you do not have to maintain no-fault insurance on your motorcycle.

However, you still must maintain liability insurance on your motorcycle, otherwise not having this liability insurance could prevent a claim that you may have for example if the driver is negligent and hits you. You have the same claim as any other driver of a vehicle or pedestrian against that vehicle that you hit you for pain and suffering and personal injuries, however you didn’t maintain the liability insurance as required by law then you will have no claim.

Now in terms of your PIP benefits; that’s your personal injury protection benefits or your no fault benefits, even though a motorcycle is not a motor vehicle, if you get in an accident and it is with another motor vehicle, such as a car, there’s a car involved in the accident, then you can get all of your personal injury protection expenses paid by the insurance company of that car. It’s either going to be the owner or the driver of that car’s insurance company.  They will pay you the benefits. Now if you riding a motorcycle but you get into an accident and you do not hit a car or a car does hit you or there is not another motor vehicle involved in the accident. For example you hit a pothole you hit a deer or something in the road. You cannot get any no fault expenses. You cannot get your medical expenses, wage loss. Another motor vehicle has to be involved in the accident.

Oakland County Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan

So I want to tell you a little bit about those things. If you have any questions regarding motorcycle accidents in Michigan you can call me at 248-290-5600 or visit us online at oaklandcountyinjurylawyer.com

Oakland County Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Accidents in Michigan


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